New AUDION SONG Release:

"This Game Does Not Exist: A Happy Place"

Streaming on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and more!

I'm so excited to see this project come to life.  From my isolated pondering in grad school was born this incredible collection tracks from new and continuing artists in the Audion Song collective.  Spearheaded by Jeremy Scott Olsen, this incredible array of tracks written for video games that don't yet exist could easily find their homes in a multitude of happy, cozy, feel-good games.  

And this is only the beginning!! Stay tuned for our future volumes in the coming months! 

New Podcast Feature! (Thank you, Michael!)

"Game Jams. Post Secondary Postulations. Beatmapping. Spaced-Out Studs. Alexa Thanos (Thay-nohs, not the purple guy) is my first guest after a year of no podding. We talk about her roots as a musician, her partnership with Sean Ettlin to form Spaced Out Studios, their newest album The Little Bookshelf, and overall just have a great discussion about creating music."

Check out Michael Spicer here: Spicer Audio 

available now
monochrome motif
Leicester, UK

the little bookshelf

composer | pianist | engineer | producer
as part of Spaced Out Studios

available now
Badself Media
Burbank, CA

Sleepy Donut Jams

composer | engineer | producer
as part of Spaced Out Studios
in collaboration with Michael Spicer

available now
monochrome motif
Leicester, UK

painted ship upon a painted ocean

composer | pianist | engineer | producer
in partnership with the monochrome assembly

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