Video Games

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I am a third-generation gamer.  My grandmother loved video games, my parents continue to love and play video games, so I love games not only for what they are but what they mean to me.

Here's a little bit about why I love creating game music:

As the lore goes, my grandma would boot her own daughters off the family NES so she could play Tetris. (Honestly, I can't think of a more pro-gamer move than that.)  

My mother's Super Mario Bros. runs circa 1987 were the stuff of legends, and she has since maintained her knack of finding in-game secrets before any forum can spoil them for her.  In the early days of their marriage, my parents bonded over Diablo and The Legend of Zelda series (with my mom always at the single-player helm), and have continued to do so in each new iteration of their favorite series.   My dad will be the first to admit that my mom is the best gamer in the family, period, and has spent more time watching her hundred-percent runs of the Mario series than playing his beloved World of WarcraftTo this end, I realized only recently that I may have more memory of watching my mother playing video games than I have played myself, which might just be the coolest fact about me.  

I certainly started earlier on consoles than most, though, with Hey You, Pikachu! being my first memorable game (microphone and all!) at the turn of the century.  The Nintendo 64 was, is, and will forever remain my favorite console.  In my elementary years, I spent hours on weekend mornings traipsing through the paintings in Super Mario 64, always eager to run up the endless stairs on my 'other' save file or leap into the clock on my best file. I played through Ocarina of Time almost annually as a teenager (and have tried to continue that tradition into adulthood), forcing myself to take the first three dungeons slowly as I got better so that I could savor that wonderful, whimsical, unbeatable nostalgia that only the first few hours of OoT can provide.

In essence:

I have been a consumer of video game music for my entire life.  

The medium has never gone unnoticed or unappreciated in my consciousness, even before my days as a proper musician. (See also: even when I was little, and the start-up sound of any game would send my tiny feet pitter-pattering into the living room to plunk down and watch someone play.)  It would not be a stretch to say that these soundtracks, especially the vast array of themes in Ocarina of Time as I watched from my mother's lap, forged my ultimate passion for music itself.  

It only seems right that I should return to my roots and take part in crafting the next generation of video game soundtracks.