Composer | Sound Design
Ludum Dare 49

Ludum Dare Community Reviews for Spirits Low:

"... the graphics are amazing, as well as the audio." @eoshadows

"I really liked the art and audio, definitely painted a 'war is hell' vibe." @frozenfire92

"Love the audio & visuals, really nailed the aesthetic." @rustywolf

"The radio-style audio was really well done." @rjmarzec

Game Jam Notes:

One programmer, one artist, and one 'sound person'that's me!—came together from three different continents over Discord just a few days before the jam began to tackle one of the most nebulous themes I've seen in a game jam: unstable.

As always, there was plenty of griping from the community, but we hit the ground running with creative ideas.  Spirits Low plays on the abstract and spiritual side of "unstable," and the intent was to give the player the responsibility of maintaining mental stability across these worn-down and tired soldiers. Every game jam has its edges to smooth out, but the creative drive and zest of this game was a great experience. 

This was my first crack at designing sound effects for a game beyond academia, and while there's not a sound in here I wouldn't change if this game ever picked back up, I can look at this as a decent first attempt.  I learned a great deal from just this short project, and I look forward to learning more; however, I will say that composition is truly where my heart lies.  This score is not without its serious faults, but it's always fun to sneak in a twelve-tone row when you can, and what better place is there than one of instability and uncertainty?