Composer | Voice Actress | Producer | Writer
🥉 Third Place in Audio for Ludum Dare 50 🥉

Ludum Dare Community Reviews for Department of Demise:

"Fantastic... and the elevator music style death march: chef's kiss." @okamit

"The sound design is probably the best out of any game I've played, not just Ludum Dare games. The voice acting and the music combined with all of the sound effects give the game such a distinct atmosphere that makes the game [an] immersive experience." @dindotjs

"Wow! Incredible work on the audio!" @100th_Coin

"Superb audio design!" @chaoseiro

"Nice graphics, great audio, nice humor." @onedozenbagels

"Super polished, hard to believe it was made in three days!" @alexio-games

"I can't remember the last time I rated a [Ludum Dare] straight 5s across the board." @firetwoonenine

"Amazing soundscape and voice acting." @velvetlobster

"Sick music, goes very hard." @kemsou

"Unique concept, amazing music, the comedy is on point." @junklab

"The soundtrack is super well designed and fits the game." @initialposition

"Gorgeous art, excellent music, and entertaining voice-overs." @amberfall92

Game Jam Notes:

My gratitude for what we now lovingly call the "Asterisk Team" cannot be overstated.  It was such an absolute blast to work with them again, retaining all of what we learned from 2021 and elevating it to the next level for LD50.  If you go through all of our Ludum Dare comments, I believe the most used word is "polish," and I credit that to each member of our team:

Evan Malmud of Sleepy Donut, LLC:  A talented, well-organized, and creative programmer.  He fields all of our wild audio whims and manages to make a fun, addictive, and smooth-running game in just a weekend.  With what little I know about coding, I know that what he does is not easy, but you wouldn't know that in a meeting with him.

Noah-Tien (Alcy): Our incredible artist who churned out more art in a weekend than I think I could do after a year's training.  His talent and dedication led our game to have the perfect aesthetic that inclines everyone to call DoD "polished," and is an absolute joy to work with.  

David D'Agostino of Pixel Penguin Audio:  The litany of SFX that he not only divines but realizes into amazing-sounding effects is absolutely incredible.  We can be mid-conversation about a prospective cue, and maybe a few minutes in, he says "like this?" and drops the perfect file in the chat.  My partner and I can bounce off of David almost immediately, and vice-versa; our palates align deliberately and smoothly, which I can't be more thankful for.  And, last but not least: 

Jeremy Scott Olsen: Our amazing audio lead who brought us together in the first place. His organization and experience help realize our creative whims into implementable, professional, and transformative soundscsapes to accompany Evan and Alcy's work.  In addition, his kindness, collaborative energy, and sharp sense of humor are what take the entire project to the next level.  I am thankful to call Jeremy both a mentor and a friend.