Composer | Voice Actress | Producer | Writer
Ludum Dare 48, April 2021

Ludum Dare Community Reviews for Asterisk:

"I have to say as a person in the field that the music [is] awesome!" @matheus-madtrilhas

"Easy 5/5 for the audio!" @realkonstantin

"Music: SLAPS!"

"Really fun game and the music was fantastic!" @link2213

"Voice acting on point!" @nick-barrash

"Fun to play, catchy music, and the writing's great." @mahalis

"Hilarious game with amazing audio." @Rendow

"The voice actor is really good, the soundtrack is amazing... The story telling is good [too!]" @pink-spaceman

"... wonderful music..." @bereg

"The voice acting really sells the mood... [gives] me Cave Johnson vibes from Portal 2." @itsboats

"All of the audio and voice lines are great." @michael-harris

"The music is good and not boring." @valky

"Music: SLAPS!" @pookipoot

"Fantastic music and voice acting." @taek

"The music really [makes] me bop in my chair while playing." @autogibbon

Game description for the upcoming Asterisk Steam page: 

"Jump into the boots of a expendable employee as you are tasked with harvesting ore for the mega corporation Dig Deep, Inc.  Refer to your employee manual to see that the company has generously gifted you the basics:

(1) One laser-cutting drill that can double as self-defense against the monsters that are definitely not on the asteroids, and

(2) A compact oxygen supply that's light enough to carry and ensures your mission is as efficient as possible!

Fly on your company ship from one contractual obligation to another, and keep an eye out for traces of your (former?) coworkers.  We strongly encourage you to avoid any shifty robots that discuss things like 'freedom' or "alternative employment."  Don't read the fine print in your employment forms, and have a great shift!"

Game Jam Notes:

Reflecting on this game a year later reminds me how fortunate my partner (Sean Ettlin) and I were to be part of this team.  We were approached by a family friend of mine, but with three audio people to start with, we knew we needed to find a programmer soon.  I serendipitously found our incredible game developer on Reddit, and as they say, the rest is history.

Our first experience in a game jam could not have been better.  We practiced with our team beforehand, organized a steady workflow, learned FMOD as much as we could from four YouTube videos over the span of a couple weeks, and started strong when the gun went off at 6:00p that Friday.  We slept very little, not because we weren't getting enough done, but because we knew we could do more.  I will always treasure that about my partnership with Sean: we go above and beyond whenever we can, and in this instance, it worked out incredibly well.